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Join the fight against dengue; help #SavePayal! – MumFLIX

Join the fight against dengue; help #SavePayal!

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Living today safely, taking precautions, maintaining hygiene and yet contracting diseases and infections have become common.

While we can do what we can in our capacity, let’s move ONE step forward & try to keep our family safe. Some take dengue very lightly and don’t understand the implications of it. Better be safe than be sorry, right?

I have 2 little boys and I try everything possible to keep them safe from infections & diseases. I trust ALL OUT as I have been a regular user & never had any issues of dengue by God’s grace. While you still can “Save your family from Dengue” Why live in the risk of getting dengue?
Dengue is a serious viral infection which is contracted from mosquitoes.
Symptoms like fever, weakness, headache, red spots, joint pain and body ache are seen. If not attended to on time can lead to lethal complication called severe dengue. This can only be cured through hospitalization but can also result in death. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is when one experiences vomiting, bleeding, abdominal pain, cold hands and feet, blue lips or a drop in pressure. Be safe today & live a happy life with your loved ones.

Join All Out® in the fight against dengue with Payal and lets together help protect families and our community from dengue.
I urge you to give a missed call on this TOLL FREE number (1800180181818) and pledge your support to help fight against dengue!
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Lend a hand and help #SavePayal who is vulnerable to this illness like many other children.

Show your support by joining the pledge campaign to donate blood.
Protect yourself, your friends, and your family as you could be at risk of catching dengue when infected mosquitoes are present.
Some ways of avoiding dengue are
1. Don’t keep stagnant water at home
2. Use All Out Insect Repellent Lotion
3. Wear clothes that cover your skin especially at nights
4. Use All Out liquid electric mosquito repellent
5. Use a mosquito coil.
A few precautions can help you and your family a long way.
Do what you can today & stay safe!
Remember when in doubt please contact your physician.