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Ways to raising happy kids – MumFLIX

Ways to raising happy kids

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Its very important to raise kids in an atmosphere of love, care and joy. A child’s behavior, nature and character reflects how the child is brought up by parents.Every parent wants their child to be loved by all, well settled , living their dreams and most importantly to be happy!

Happy Parents = Happy Children
Most parent would agree with me that raising a confident, well-mannered and obedient child can be challenging. Try and strengthen your child’s capacity to experience happiness! Here are some steps you can take with your kids to move onto the path of joy…

1. Joke around

Don’t be serious with your kid. Fool around, crack some jokes, make them giggle and make them laugh out loud.
This helps them to think creatively and manage stress well.
Too much of pressure on parenting styles can lead to depression and anxiety
Unwind with your kids. Do something together that you both enjoy.

2. Be gentle

Don’t be pushy, rude or aggressive with your child no matter what the circumstance.
In the long run it can lead to a lot of aggression and stubbornness. Be compassionate, less angered and more positive. If you as a parent are undergoing mental stress then get help as it could affect your child’s mental health too leading to stress

3. Praise when right- Allow for Success and Failure

Don’t make things easy and smooth for your kids, give space for them to try, challenge themselves and struggle a bit. Let them learn to stand back and get things into perfection at their own pace. Don’t aim for perfection at the first shot!

4. Connect for life

Memories play a very important role in a child’s life. Its good to build strong, loving and cherish-able memories while they are little until they grow. Make your child feel connected as a family so they will grow with those sweet memories. A happy childhood means a happy life as an adult.

5. Self esteem & responsibility

Give your kid little chores like handing over wet clothes while your drying, asking them to help you get something, arranging forks and spoon on the table etc. It gives them immense happiness and makes them feel more part of the family.

6. Father’s love

Feeling loved by their fathers is very important for health, well-being and satisfaction.
It changes the child perspective and child’s development. A father’s love is one of the greatest influences on personality.

7. Happy marriage – Be a role model

Try to be happy, feel loved and in good books with your partner always especially in front of your kids. It teaches your child the value of relationships, family togetherness and love.
Troubled houses are stressful houses & that stress causes sleep problems.

8. Practice gratitude

Feelings of gratitude are linked to emotional well-being. Make you child learn the value and meaning of thank you/being grateful and reinforce it as a regular ritual. This will foster positive emotions which will leads to happiness.

9. Look after your child with TLC(Tender loving care)

When your child is tense, empathize and try to help them calm down. When your child is hurt, hug and tell them everything will be alright. When your child is scared, show them extra care & security and tell them you’re there for them. Communicate with your child always.

10. Security

Every child should feel loved, understood, wanted, acknowledged and recognized.
This can help protect against emotional stress, suicidal mindsets and other evils like drinking, smoking, drugs etc. A safe child is a happy child. In conclusion, parenting is not a bed of roses and there is not right or wrong! There is no manual but there are certain strategies that one can work around with to help raise a happy child.

Remember hold your baby as much as you can, respond sympathize, ear drink, sleep, hug, cuddle and laugh together.

Happy Family = Happiness that will last a long time.