All the right ingredients!

A healthy diet has an extremely positive impact on our mouth and teeth. Tooth-friendly choices can do wonders not only to our mouth but our body too. By removing unhealthier options and replacing them with nutritious alternatives, our physical health, mental well being and our smile will all feel the benefits. Say no to the potential damage caused by sugar and acid and give your mouth, teeth and gums the best chance to flourish.

Spread some love at the Chaiim Foundation

Shopping never felt so good and rewarding!Come and shop for a cause, shop to change a life , shop and spread some joy! Lets celebrate life with the girls who are so frail on the outside and yet strong on the inside to overcome their challenges! All the fabulous products at the Chaiim Christmas are handmade by survivors of human trafficking and the proceeds will go directly for their welfare. Shop at Chaiim Foundation and participate in the joyous act of buying and giving!

Celebrates womanhood with diamonds…

Inspired by minimalism, the exquisite collection enraptures different aspects and subtle nuances of the season as visualized by a common man giving it an artistic turn for the budget-conscious shoppers. Embellished with delicate diamonds, the collection is crafted in white, rose and yellow gold and pays tribute to the pattern of life which is ideal for everyday occasion and celebrations. Using only the finest quality and ethically soured diamonds, this collection is artistically crafted to woo women at an unbelievable price range. unveils the Amazon Fashion Squad at Mood Indigo

Students from on-campus and around came to visit the vanity van, some to get their queries answered, others just curious.
They were anxious and excited to have the fashion squad team solve all their fashion hair and makeup problems.
Kudos to for unveiling ‘Amazon Fashion Squad’, a panel of experts who address customer queries on fashion dilemmas.
So you may ask whats #KyaPehnu?

Amazon Fashion Squad – My #KyaPehnu experience

And I used to thing that after getting married, my husband would help solve this problem by taking a quick decision for me. But his smirk and monotonous comment “Darling you look good in anything” has but made it even more difficult than before. Thankfully, today, I have gotten much better, thanks to Mumbai’s Amazon Fashion Squad.