I have always struggled with keeping up to the whims and fancies of my family. In the quest to be a good mother and wife, lies a much-travelled path filled with many tasks, some small, others large, but all of them met with a high level of expectation, never my own. Words of disappointment aired by loved ones, can seem like a dagger to the mother’s heart that has poured itself into making that loved one’s drink. Haven’t we heard enough of “Darling, my coffee was too cold!” or “Ma, my milkshake is not cold anymore!” And to think, I have often heard both these statements on the same day! No matter how much care is taken, or how much love put in preparing the ‘oh so perfect’ beverage, none are spared from the inadvertent effects that both time and weather have on them.

About two weeks ago, a close friend of mine told me about the Vaya “DRYNK” products. She had been using them for a month and was so happy that they worked wonderfully. I had a vintage flask, from a wedding gift, that seemed to be failing miserably at its job and I was looking for a replacement. Every morning my husband likes to carry a hot cup of coffee to work. This usually ends up getting cold before he reaches there, and this is annoying for me especially since I know he hates it cold. I often pack for my boys a juice or a milkshake in a bottle for their mid recess. But they end up bringing it back unfinished more frequently than I can tolerate, all because the Mumbai heat warms up the cold beverage. Things get worse when everybody takes ill with the flu. A cup of hot lemon green tea is really good for recuperating, but getting everybody to have it at the same time, once freshly made is a huge task in itself. I usually end up making the concoction hot several times in the day, so that it can be as effective as it is supposed to be.

And so, I went ahead and bought the 600ml graphite coloured DRYNK, which is an insulated tumbler with two lids – a sipper & a gulper, all with a year of warranty. The sipper had a magnetic lid, while the gulper is provided with two cups. The DRYNK tumbler has a stainless-steel slim body with a variegated surface allowing for a good grip, especially when it is wet. It is not hard to clean and my hand seems to negotiate its inside with ease. The bottle has been labelled as BPA-free which makes it baby-safe. BPA is a chemical commonly used in the manufacturing of reusable plastic products such as bottles, baby sippers, and cups. It has been used in manufacturing since the 1950’s but is known to have estrogenic activity. The problem with BPA is that it can leach from containers into beverages, posing a potential health risk with consequences that range from an altered function of body reproductive organs and obesity to an increased risk of cancer. Thus, a BPA-free label indicates that the product is absolutely safe for child use. I put the DRYNK tumbler to the test immediately and found that it remarkably kept hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold for over half a day.

After a week of regular use, I am as impressed as my friend was. I have now picked up three 350ml tumblers for my boys. The frivolous complaints have drastically stopped. They get their drinks as hot or cold and as fresh as though I have just made it and that leaves me the happiest. They also have their own individual colours and there is no confusion about that. We went out as a family on a road trip to Daman a few days ago, and I made maximum use of the tumblers by packing in hot coffee in one 350ml tumbler, chilled lassi in two 350ml tumblers and fresh watermelon juice in the 600ml tumbler. The trip was fun, and the beverages remained intact all the way. The DRYNK tumbler is definitely worth the money and it is now my turn to recommend it to another troubled mother who will surely benefit from its classy looks & super-consistent efficiency!

Check out a sneak peek at the upcoming Vaya Tyffyn in the video below:

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