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Water worth its weight in gold!

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Over the past few years, climate change has taken a toll on our environment with several groundwater resources in our country going dry. In some parts, like Chennai, water has become more expensive than gold, and it is alarming how such a basic necessity has become so scarce. I have always been particular about the water used in my home, and even more critical of packaged drinking water when I travel.
bisleri packaged drinking water

Over the past few years, climate change has taken a toll on our environment with several groundwater resources in our country going dry. In some parts, like Chennai, water has become more expensive than gold, and it is alarming how such a basic necessity has become so scarce. I have always been particular about the water used in my home, and even more critical of packaged drinking water when I travel. There have been several news reports which have shown that every packaged drinking water is not pure, which has been evident on most of my travels across our country. There are also numerous Whatsapp forwards showing how water is hygienically poured out of garden taps into plastic bottles and then sold as mineral water. Recently, the health department had shut down some water packaging plants due to the unsafe quality of water being sold. It is scary how such an essential resource is being manipulated and in the end it will be us who will suffer the consequences of our apathy.

Last week, I was teaching my kids about how they need to be careful of the water they drink, because there may be impurities & germs in it which they can’t see and which can lead to serious illness. That all water is not drinking water, and how such a basic awareness about water purity can prevent a whole gamut of water-borne diseases. At the end of our conversation my older son had an interesting question. He asked that if we cant see the germs and impurities, then how would we know which water to trust. It was a really good question which I had not thought of myself. How do we know which water to trust?

I had read in a recent article about the BMC claim that Mumbaikars can now drink water straight from the tap. Though it seems like a tall claim, it is reassuring to know that our home water supply is of a scientifically acceptable purity level. I still continue to use my water filter at home, and am satisfied that our family drinking water gets purified twice – once at the BMC plant and then at home. But this doesn’t solve the issue of water when we travel. Our weekend getaways and family vacations tend to be out of Mumbai, and one of my concerns when we travel has always been about the purity of the water we drink on holiday. 

It is going to be another month before my next planned weekend getaway, and so I decided to figure out the answer to my son’s question. Through a friend I got in touch with an employee of Bisleri and asked if I could get an opportunity to see how their packaged drinking water is purified. I was pleasantly surprised how they were willing to offer a tour of their plant to my whole family. I chose Bisleri because of two reasons – first was that I had the contact, and second that growing up I can remember Bisleri as being the only packaged drinking water available on my school trips as a kid. So instead of saying “please pass me the water”, as kids we would usually say “please pass me the Bisleri”. After fixing the date with the company, I took my boys along and we had a very interesting experience.

Bisleri drinking water packaging
Bisleri drinking water packaging facility

The packaging facility at Bisleri is huge. I had no idea that both their water as well as the packaging bottles go through such a rigorous cleaning process to ensure the purity of the packaged water. Our guide for the tour was very helpful explaining the whole process as we went along. Although the kids were not allowed in certain areas due to facility safety protocols, I was able to see the whole process and was really impressed with their purity standards. Below is a video of our experience at the plant to take you through what we saw, which is much more interesting than what i can pen down.

For those interested in more details, click here to download the purification details I managed to get my hands on. It is very informative and worth the reading time.

By the end of our tour, I was very happy to be in a position to answer my son’s question about how to decide what water to drink when we travel. I now know I can trust Bisleri with their state-of-the-art water purification techniques and this makes the choice simple and straightforward for my kids as well! It was interesting to learn that “har paani ka bottle Bisleri nahin hota hai”

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  1. Well as a traveller I feel it very convinient to carry a bisleri bottle for drinking requirement. Nowdays there are many local brands who offer package water but I trust only Bisleri.

  2. Indeed very water is not the purest one and even since my childhood it’s always been bisleri that we trusted and till date its Bisleri. Happy to see you had a great experience at the Bisleri plant.

  3. Bisleri is synonymous with pure and clean water and trusted by all. Always the first choice when travelling.

  4. I have always preferred Bisleri water while traveling.Definitely more trust on their quality everytime.A good brand.

  5. Bisleri is the most trusted name for me, and glad that I also got this opportunity to see it first hand. Great feat and lovely pictures.

  6. Really Bisleri is a brand synonym of purified water in India. I personally trust the brand and carry while travelling.

  7. Bisleri enjoys the trust of people in India with it’s good packaged drinking water. Though, I wish they come up with recycling ideas or other packaging solutions.

  8. I really liked this and happy that you shared so many details about the most trusted brand of water in India!!

  9. Bisleri is the only trusted bottle of water I suppose. And I can rely on it blindly when on travel. And you had given quite good details about Bisleri. Kudos to you!

  10. This is true, Water is something we all need and one needs to be careful especially during monsoon. This is really an eye-opener post. Thanks for sharing

  11. For me bisleri has been like a synonym to best packaged drinking water. Could never trust another brand and viewing the process just made my belief more firm.

    1. Bisleri is a name to reckon with in the pure water manufacturing industry. After reading your post I am reassured about the quality of water we drink daily.

  12. Kudos to you for making the trip to find out the truth! This is such a reassuring read for me too – as we buy a lot of packaged water when on the road, and I am always worried about the purity and genuineness of the water.

  13. Just like you mentioned in your blog, Bisleri is one of the brands I have been hearing from my entire childhood for safe packaged drinking water. Thank you for going to their factory and viewing their water purification process. By letting us know you helped re-enforce the trust we have in Bisleri even more.

  14. Water plays a important role in out life nice post ty for sharing when I travel or go for outing I really pick mineral water.

  15. Bisleri has always been our go to brand. We have been using bisleri from so many years. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  16. Bisleri has always been our travel buddy in all our travels. I personally trust the brand most from the other brands available in the market. 🙂

  17. Well I too am very skeptical about buying water outside. It has to be the original Bisleri if I am not already carrying my own PET bottle.

  18. Well accurately written and explained Kim. Bisleri is indeed one of the best bottled water brand . Looking foward to read more of your articles.

  19. We attended this event too. It was an eye-opener to see how Bisleri water goes through stringent quality checks. It helps a lot that it’s mineral water.

  20. I am sure you had an amazing experience seeing the bisleri live in the making and the entire process.
    It is definitely One of the most trustworthy brands.

  21. Bisleri has been the most tried and tested name in the business for the longest period of time. In fact, mineral water is synonymous with Bisleri!

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