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Chikungunya Fever – What you need to know!

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The human mind is wired in such a way that in some scenarios, we always think about worse case scenarios. A simple example is a kid getting injured while playing and we assume that it could be a muscle tear/fracture, which might not be the case in most scenarios. The same is the case with cough, cold, and fever. Once a kid or an adult experiences cough or fever, we start immediate medication and in most cases, we end up with a course of antibiotic medicines.

There is a saying that ‘Half knowledge is always dangerous’ hence, it is recommended that you have awareness about the signs, symptoms, and treatment mechanisms for mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, etc. Having right kind of knowledge would help you reduce stress & anxiety when you or your loved ones, unfortunately, get the disease. Today, we have a look at Chikungunya – a kind of fever that, although it sounds like it, is definitely not a disease involving chickens.


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Symptoms & Diagnosis of Chikungunya

When the initial cases of Chikungunya were reported in India, there was a complete state of panic since this kind of fever was not known & hence people were completely clueless about the diagnosis & treatment. Many of them even confused Chikungunya fever with Zika & Dengue fever since the initial symptoms are more or less similar.

Chikungunya is one type of viral fever and the preliminary signs of the fever are observed within 5~7 days after being bitten by infected mosquitoes. Experiencing nausea, rashes, headaches are some of the common symptoms of Chikungunya. In some cases, you would also experience more retinal and neurological complications. Symptoms of Chikungunya fever are very similar to symptoms of normal fever or other types of fever, hence proper diagnosis & treatment is recommended.

Normally people suffering from this type of fever recover completely after a period of 10~12 days, though the joint pain may continue for a few more days. This type of fever is not life-threatening, but the virus can sometimes cause severe problems. It is more prone to people who already had Chikungunya in the past and this category of people should take proper care since there is a chance that they might be infected again! Chikungunya is more prevalent in older people, diabetes & heart patients since their immunity levels are low. A lab test is required in order to do the diagnosis. No vaccination or other cure is required for getting rid of Chikungunya. We also look into Chikungunya symptoms & cure since it is better if things are diagnosed & treated early.

How to protect yourself from Chikungunya

The simplest way to protect yourself from mosquito-borne diseases is by using mosquito repellents or other forms of protection so that your body is away from the prey of mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents from Goodknight are effective in killing mosquitoes, even those whose bite can cause harmful diseases. Your home should have mosquito protection shield/net so that mosquitoes cannot enter the house. On top of such protection, you should use Goodknight Mosquito repellents which do not cause any health hazards. They contain essential ingredients that kill all kinds of mosquitoes. A liquid vaporizer like Goodknight Activ+ is a very solution. While you are outdoors, kids & adults can make use of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On. The aroma from the Roll-on keeps the harmful mosquitoes away from you and the liquid has no side-effects.

These are some of the important Chikungunya symptoms & cure which would come handy in dire situations so that you do not opt for wrong solutions!

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  1. With monsoon comes mosquitoes and they bring a number of diseases. Thanks for sharing this informative post about Chikungunya fever. Even I use goodknight mosquito repellents.

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