Let’s have a Burger, Bro?

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We all need to make time for a burger once in a while – Erica Durance.

I so agree with this and so we decided to try out Burger Bro’s on Carter road with the family. Well to start off with this is a very small chilled out & cosy place on Carter road with just about 3-4 tables that accommodate around 12-14 people.They have decorated the place with cute empty black-gold frames set against a brick wall on one side and red empty frame set against a black background on the other side.There are red high stools set up in this place and the transparent window has shelves designed with empty milkshake bottle and little plants in pots. Place is well maintained.

Now coming to the food, their menu consisted of around 8 varieties of delectable burgers, nachos, fries, milkshakes with exciting choices and flavours. It was kinda confusing to decide what to order but then we decided on the following after taking in suggestions from the staff.

So here’s what we ordered!

Cheesy nachos with herb fried jalapenos:
The nachos were fresh, crisp,delicious with masala and American cheddar cheese and herb melted on them. We opted for the herb fried jalapenos topping with nachos and the combination was good. However, I did feel that the cheese sauce poured on top was a bit less.

Cheesy nachos with herb fried jalapenos – Burger Bros

Homemade Hand Cut Cheesy Fries:
These were my favourite on the menu. Fries made to perfection were topped with melted cheese sauce. I chose the BBQ chicken sausage and bacon topping and oh my gosh- This was divine! The combination was great and the taste was heavenly.

Homemade Handcut Cheesy Fries – Burger Bros
Homemade Handcut Cheesy Fries – Burger Bros

I heard a lot about the milkshakes here and was looking forward to trying them out.However I was a bit disappointed cause they were more chocolate milkshake options that anything else. I personally dont like overdose of chocolate. I wanted the Berry flavour but it was out of stock. I did wanna try the milkshakes in the glass bottles but sadly that too was out of stock .

Triple Chocolate Crunchy Milkshake – Burger Bros

Triple chocolate crunchy milkshake:
This milkshake was average and tasted chocolaty according to me. I didnt get any cruchy effect in the drink so was kindly disappointed as i ordered this coz i wanted to taste the crunchy bit. Its a combination of dark & milk choco ganache with choco ice cream blended well with milk & whipped cream. This is great for chocolate lovers.

Toasted marshmallow Smore’s milkshake:
This milkshake was good and had the  marshmallow flavor floating around as I sipped. But it didnt have any Marshmallow thickness or piece in it like i thought it would. The texture however was creamy and it was a great blend of vanilla ice cream, white chocolate and honey caramel yogurt.

Tiramisu Milkshake:
A milkshake that contains a blend of vanilla Ice cream, home made chocolate ganache, choco powder,iced coffee, mascarpone cheese, ladyfinger cookies and whipped cream. I have tasted Tiramisu milkshakes else where and felt this one didnt live up to its description and could have had more of the tiramisu flavour in it.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake with Salted Caramel:
This accordingly to me was one of the best milkshakes, unique and perfectly matched the description. Its a vanilla ice cream shake flavoured with peanut butter and salted caramel syrup blended with whipped cream, vanilla extract and grape jelly. The taste was rich and I loved how the peanut butter flavor came through with a touch of caramel.

Now lets talk about the Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgers!

Double Cheese Burger – Burger Bros

Double cheeseburger :
A delicious well made, juice burger which is stomach filling and had a lot of flavours. This was my favourite and I asked for extra topping of hot and sweet crispy bacon to be added . Its a bun with double layer tenderloin patty, BBQ sauce with a layer of molten American cheddar cheese in the burger. I loved this one!

Lamb Kebab Bro:
This was a bun with a Chargrilled Lamb patty, which has some spices in it making it a bit spicy. It contains a touch of lemon, garlic mayonnaise, crunchy paprika onions with molten American cheddar cheese. It was good but I preferred the double cheese over this one.

Chicken Bro:
This burger option is perfect for kids. Its a bun with aromatic classic chicken patty with toppings as garlic mayonnaise, classic slaw and molten American cheddar cheese. My son really enjoyed this one so its a must try and recommended.

Oh boy we could literally sense our taste buds tingling as we enjoyed the perfectly cooked, well flavoured and juicy soft patty of the burgers and the starters.
The service can get a little slow sometimes depending upon the number of orders and deliveries. But otherwise staff are very friendly, helpful and courteous. If you cant make up your mind on what to order they are more than glad to help you select based on your liking and preferences.

Overall food is authentic and unique. Its a great place to chill for a quick bite at Carters. Burgers are delicious, different from the regular ones we get at other burger joints and are quite filling. The place is more preferred for smaller crowds to visit due to its size .
Both burgers and milkshakes are good. The quality of food is good and quantity was justified….I would highly recommend this place to all!