Curry Me Up

Curry Me Up

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Curry Me Up specializes in a large selection of northern Indian cuisine, with a strong focus on using quality ingredients to achieve traditional flavors. When you’re serving Indian food to Indians, you can’t get away with cooking anything less than the best… because who knows their dals and biryanis and kebabs better than us Indians?

So that’s “Curry Me Up” which serves food that feels like home, delivered straight to your door.

Their ingredients are impeccably sourced, spices are the freshest, breads are the softest, and even the mildest curries will have tears of nostalgia rolling your cheeks, right from the first bite. The chefs, cook with as much love as they do with masala & go to great lengths to ensure a delicious meal that’s free from the usual hassles of Indian cooking. It’s easy to order, easier to eat.

I ordered some food over the weekend as I had guests over and this is what we tried:

Lucknowi Chicken Briyani: Chicken pieces marinated with rich onion masala and cooked with rice on dum . Quite tasty and went well with the raita.

Lucknowi Chicken Briyani – Curry Me Up

Chicken Yakhni Pulao: Chicken pieces with cream marination cooked with rich cashew gravy with safron flavoured rice. This was really good and I highly recommend this one.

Chicken Yakhni Pulao – Curry Me Up

Siya Mirch Ka Jhinga – Semi dry tandoor prawns ,mixed with a spicy green masala to perfection.

Siya Mirch Ka Jhinga – Curry Me Up

Tandoori Paneer Masala Tikka : Paneer was soft and well prepared.

Tandoori Paneer Masala Tikka – Curry Me Up

Chicken Kalimirch Tikka : One of  my favorites, simple yet tasty!

Chicken Kalimirch Tikka – Curry Me Up

Mutton Shurkh Boti Kabab: I would have preferred the mutton here to be a little more fleshy and tender. Taste wise it was good and a bit on the spicy side.

Mutton Shurkh Boti Kabab – Curry Me Up

Fish curry- Basa fried with homestyle cooked curry with spices and served with white rice.  This was okay.

Fish curry – Curry Me Up

Butter chicken: This was pretty average in taste. Tasted good with the butter garlic naans.

Butter Garlic Naans – Curry Me Up

Lucknowi degi ghost: A lucknowi mutton preparation with korma base and flavoured with spices.

Lucknowi degi ghost – Curry Me Up

Gulab Jamun– No description needed 🙂