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Froozo- Guilt Free!


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I vaccinated my kids & it was painful, for them and for me. Watching the needle pierce their skin sent a shiver down my spine. Although vaccines are good and a necessity, I felt guilty of subjecting my children to  this atrocity. As I watched their tears roll down their scared faces, I knew that I had to make it up to them. As we left the hospital, I decided to take them to Froozo. I had heard about this place through a school friend, and it was on my to-do list. But I never got to doing it, up until now.

Froozo is a unique ice cream parlour. The deserts are handmade……….more like hand crafted, and are a delight to look at and eat as well. The process of making each desert is demonstrated right in front, allowing for sinful customization of each temptation. This adds to the desi satisfaction that you get what you are paying for. The amount of each component of the desert is well evident as it is getting prepared right before your very eyes. The wait leading up to the final preparation is in itself a mouth watering countdown, sure to make all your digestive juices stimulate your appetite into a frenzy.
At the end of the deserts we began rubbing our tummy with the hope that the calories would get burned on our way out. Both our sons, went from being cranky and sore, to ecstatic with baby giggles and chuckles filling the gaps while they feasted. I owe it to Froozo for helping me get rid of the guilt that followed me out of the hospital. The beaming faces of my boys was testimony to their satisfaction with their meals.

So that was the story of how we ended up visiting Froozo!

Below are a few videos of the place, validating my conclusion that, if you want to eat a work of art, you need to head to Froozo!

The deserts are hand-made and a delight to look at but here are some honest views about the place and desserts!

What we didnt like about the place!

  1. When we walked in firstly the room was very warm as the AC was switched off and it was so hot. Not the type of environment we would want to experience at an ice cream parlour! Nevertheless the staff then switched it on later!
  2. There were too many mosquitoes and it was annoying as they were no mosquito bats or anything to keep them away. I had kids with me and this was a put off trying to eat desert, shoo the mosquitoes and enjoy the experience!
  3. Music was too loud, its not a pub but i assumed supposed to be a family joint!
  4. There were no proper tissue boxes around or wet wipe or basin or hand washing/soap facility.
  5. The area didnt seem to be kept too clean!

What we liked about the place!

  1. Staff were very friendly and helpful and polite.
  2. deserts were reasonably priced
  3. Quantity was adequate per serving
  4. We had waffles and it was a turn off as the waffles were so soft and didnt taste anything great.

What we ordered :

  1. Potato tornado : This was really crisp and tasty and well done. Liked it very much & ordered the Chipotle Cheese flavour. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  2. Froozo taco : This was a unique dessert in a taco and the combination was good. Ordered the Brownie affair. The taste was average overall. The ice cream is prepared with the other elements depending on what you choose all on a froozen tava. Its then cut into rolls and served as per your requirements.
  3. Waffle : The waffle we had was so soft and the taste overall of this desert was not that great! Added the Kitkat to this dessert but we were disappointed with this dessert.
  4. Froozo Milkshake : This was refershing and we enjoyed the blend of ice cream and other elements. The Banofee Bite we highly recommend. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Potato Tornado – Froozo
Froozo Waffle

The deserts are average in taste but delightful in terms of appearance and its lovely to see how they are made. The freakshakes we had was good and a big thumbs up for that and the potato tornado. The place is not up to the standards and needs a lot of improvement. Overall a place good to visit once just to experience but nothing super exciting in terms of taste!