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Exercise in Disguise @ Funky Monkeys – MumFLIX

Exercise in Disguise @ Funky Monkeys

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I remember those days when my kids were younger. It took a lot of effort to pack baby food, diapers, bibs, water, sanitizers, wet wipes and the list can be endless. The decision to go out was followed by an hour of getting the baby stuff ready, then 15 minutes for myself. I used to think that once they grew up it would get better and one by one all the things in my baby bag would become redundant. Five years later, I don’t need to carry a baby bag, but there are many other things to experience. What I didn’t realize was,that when they were babies, we carried them or used the pram to take them around. But now, they run off on their own, and often have me running behind them. This can get awkward at times when they run off that my husband ends up saying – you take this one, I’ll get that!

Going to a mall or any sort of open space brings out so much of their energy, its amazing. They can run up and down the stairs, all around the food court and then dart through the parking lot without breaking a sweat. It’s funny that we end up exhausted while they are ready to do more. Over the last few months we worked out a strategy to tackle their abounding energy, so that they can have all the fun possible while making the mall visit a lot less stressful for us. The strategy involved taking them to a play area where they drain 70% off their energy, and then spending the rest of the evening with kids who are not all over the place. During out visit to the Phoenix Market City at Chennai, we took our boys to a play zone called Funky Monkeys.

Spread out across 3000 sq. ft. this play zone is impressive. Colourful, fun, well maintained and clean, the play area is spread out like a maze and my boys got so excited when they arrived at the place. There were several attendants who were alert and careful to guide the kids around and I was happy that I was not the only one keeping an eye on my kids.The play centers is equipped with highest standards of safety and quality. What I really liked was how they had a separate toddler and a junior Zone, which are loaded with a full range of play elements. The play center has a fully equipped cafe and birthday party area, which overlooks the play zone, making Funky Monkeys the perfect place to host birthday parties, play dates & school group mornings. Following this write up are pictures and  videos of their two hours spent there.

With so much of the kids energy getting drained off, the kids were hungry. We were glad that Funky Monkeys have their own in house cafeteria where the food served caters primarily to children. So we ordered the Margherita pizza, pasta & french fries along with juices which were just enough in quantity and suited their taste for a refill between their play sessions.Running, Jumping, Climbing, Crawling and Sliding… Play is what kids do best!

The strategy worked out just as planned which gave us two boys who were ready to follow us around as we strolled through the mall finally to sit in one place for dinner. They knocked off to sleep as soon as we got home, and we were pleased to have the rest of the night to ourselves. This is one strategy that has helped us manage our kids and Thank God for a place like Funky Monkeys that makes it possible!

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