This Summer Stay Protected

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It is that time of the year again. The monsoons in 2018 have been predicted to be on time and 97% of the average which is a good sign for our farmers. But city life is plagued by its own set of problems and every monsoon brings along with itself the risk of specific diseases. Especially prevalent in our city of Mumbai are Chikungunya, Dengue & Malaria which are secondary to water logging and the rapid breeding of mosquitoes.

A report in The Indian Express newspaper in December 2017, showed that Mumbai recorded the highest number of deaths due to Chikungunya & Dengue that year. This a frightening statistic and I am taking all the necessary precautions to make sure my kids are safe this monsoon. I commonly use mosquito nets in my home for the windows as well as one over my bed but find that somehow those pests can still get in. Stagnant water especially in plant pots, unused storage containers, AC and fridge trays can be a source for the growth of these mosquitoes and I am making the conscious effort to make sure there are none. When the kids go to play, I make sure that they are fully covered, minimizing skin exposure.

The Chikungunya virus is transmitted by the bite of the infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is endemic to the city of Mumbai. Symptoms usually occur two weeks after exposure and include joint pains, headache, fever and a body rash. All people, young and old alike are at risk from this infection which can be life threatening. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine against this virus borne disease and the only was to prevent oneself is to protect against mosquitoes. At the earliest suspicion of a fever and body ache, expert medical care is absolutely essential and earlier care is associated with faster recovery and lesser side effects.

For the last five years since I have moved to my new home in Mumbai, I have used the Goodknight Activ+ System in two bedrooms and the living room and have been happy with the outcomes. Even if you happen to switch on the machine late, the number of mosquitoes drops within an hour. I have not noted any strong smell which used to be a regular problem with the mosquito coil. The refills also last over a month and seem to be pocket friendly. I had only recently started using the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On and can’t really evaluate how effective it is, but my kids don’t seem to be complaining about mosquito bites unlike my neighbour’s kids did last year.

Keeping the mosquitoes away is probably the best and only strategy for a home maker in an overcrowded city like Mumbai where your health is your own responsibility. I am doing the best I can, you can too!

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  • It is a really informative post. We too use Goodnight in our house and it is indeed effective. NOw that the monsoon is here we have to be more vigilant with these mosquitos and bugs.

  • Definitely good night is a must have during monsoon. Roll on are the best to carry. I can't imagine leaving home with out that. It is a must have product these days.

  • Yes, monsoon is almost here and we should protect ourself anyhow. I also use goodknight kits only and those are really effective. Thanks for spreading awareness.

  • This is a very useful post, since monsoons are round the corner. Mosquito bites are such a menace, no really!

  • It's important to keep kids and even all family members to be safe ..loved your detailed article which is surely going to help mom's like me

  • That's a nice informative post. I got a niece, will get my sister to read this, I am sure she will find this helpful.

    Dengue, chickungunya and malaria are indeed very dangerous, and keeping kids away from them is a task.