Que Sera, Sera…. KidZania!

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“When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother
What will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich
Here’s what she said to me

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be”

I remember growing up to the tune of this song. Wondering what the future had for me. Would I grow up to be a Chef like I’d wanted to be, or would I end up a teacher like my mother was.

Sigh! In the nineties the only career guidance one could get was via some lecture given in a boring classroom. No opportunities to actually see professionals in action, to get a feel of what it is really like to be a baker or a fireman! The push kids would get those days was always toward medicine or engineering.

It was my first time at Kidzania. I’d heard a lot about this place, seen the advertisements, heard from friends about it, and always thought it would be a good idea to take my kids there. Wish I had done it earlier!!

KidZania is a safe, unique, and interactive indoor theme park that empowers, inspires & educates kids through real-life role-play activities. Built like a city, i.e. the size of 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools, it is complete with paved roads, battery operated cars, buildings, a functioning economy & its own currency. By blending reality with entertainment, it provides an authentic and powerful developmental platform where kids can discover, explore, and learn about the real-world.

What I loved about this place, was that my boys got so involved in the activities that they forgot that they had access to a tab and smartphone. This artifical city is a rich learning environment where kids foster their autonomy, creativity, decision-making skills, problem solving and social values. There are no RIDES & VIDEO GAMES!

My boys were all over the place, from firefighting to baking, from a supermarket to a police station, from Frooti to M.O.D, this place takes your through an unbelievable real life experience. I know my kids had a blast, they had so much to talk about on their way back home. We explore almost all the areas, here are some pics from our experience at Kidzania!

As we entered we were warmly greeted by the Kidzania staff 🙂

Arts and Crafts Studio

Let your kids indulge in their own work of art and create a masterpiece at Camlin Arts & Crafts Studio, an interesting art studio for kids.  Here, kids can learn to express their creativity by making different arts & crafts using Camlin Products.

Aviation Academy

The Aviation Academy provides you with a unique opportunity to understand first-hand the complicated sequence of tasks a pilot completes before, during and after each flight.  A chance to fly your own aeroplane!

Bank & ATM

Learn to deposit and withdraw money in a fun way. Experience responsible banking through role-play at KidZania Mumbai. By en-cashing a cheque, opening a savings account and getting your own debit card.

Biscuit Factory

Kids will now have first-hand experience of various biscuit making processes. Bake your own biscuit packet and eat it!

Bottling Plant

Learn the bottling process to manufacture your own bottle of Coca-Cola – check hygiene, cleanse, add the secret formula, carbonate & package from the start to the end!

Burger Shop

Treat your taste buds with this interesting burger making activity!Work as burger chefs and assemble your own burger!

Cereal Factory

Be a food engineer and also sample the cereals that are full of nutrition.Manufacture, package and take home your very own pack of Kellogg’s Chocos

Chocolate Factory

Take up the sweetest job in the world as you make your favorite chocolate!

Climbing Building

Seek adventure and learn various building climbing techniques in no time!

Construction Company

Put away the blocks, its time we build buildings!

Culinary School

Visitor will be trained as chefs and create their own recipes which they can share and relish with their parents!


Deliver and collect tiffin boxes across KidZania!Know the mechanism of our very own dabbawalas!

Dance Studio/Bollywood

Learn some cool dance moves and dazzle the stage with your performance!

Dental Care Health Clinic

Role-play as a dental surgeon and in turn learn about oral hygiene!A chance to perform a dental surgery on a patient.Get important information on oral hygiene and brushing technique and perform Dental Surgery on the patient and ensure how can you have happy teeth.

Department Store

Play the role of – Customer, Inventory Manager, Visual Merchandiser

Decorate the store windows, do a stock check or just indulge in the retail therapy.

Donut Factory

Become Donut Chefs – Choose different toppings and sample your own creation!

Driving School

Learn about road safety, driving a car, take the test and get your driving license, do all this at the KidZania Driving School through role-play!

Driving Streets/Gas Station

Rent a car, get a fuel top-up and drive-through the car wash service all at our built-to-kid-size driving street! Act as a Gas Station Attendant – Fill fuel, clean the cars and check oil levels at the driving street!

Elementary School

Learn and enjoy at the Elemetary School, where Urbano, Beebop, Vita, Chika and Bache went to school…

Express Delivery Service

Be a part of KidZania’s DHL express delivery service.

Family Health Clinic

Learn fundamentals of healthcare and play a role as a doctor or patient.

Fire Department

Be a hero, go on a fire patrol and learn what to do in case of fire by being a KidZania Firefighter.


Paramedic, Nurse/Pediatrician, Surgeon

Role-play at the KidZania Hospital and deal with an emergency, perform a surgery and take care of the babies in the nursery!

Ice Candy Factory

Be a Ice Candy Expert & make your own ice candy in a variety of flavours.

Mango Drink Factory

Fruitologist-Discover more about how juices are made and make your own!

Music School

Be a part of a band & jam together to make some brilliant music!

Party Hub

DJ, Party Goers-Time to shake a leg or mix some great music!

Pizza Shop

Make, bake and take home your own pizza!

Police Department

Be a Police or CSI Agent. An opportunity where police protect and CSI investigates various situations and cases as they enforce law and order in KidZania Mumbai.

Television Studio

Hosts, Editors, Celebrities, Cameraman- Be part of the TV crew & role play as cameramen, editors, celebrities & hosts.


At KidZania’s University, students can choose a Foundation Course in Medicine, Management, Engineering etc., after which they are awarded a certificate and graduation!

Toddler Play Area

A day well spent! Thank you KIDZANIA 🙂

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  • I wasn't sure if my son (2.5 years old), who is of the same age as your younger son, would be able to explore everything Kidzania has to offer. It's great to see that your sons had a fun time. Will have to plan a trip here sometime soon