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What a way to Roll Over! – MumFLIX

What a way to Roll Over!

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A BALANCED DIET is an ice-cream in EACH HAND !

All my friends say that Chennai has only two seasons, hot and rainy hot. I am no foreigner to heat and humidity but yesterday afternoon as I walked to the general store down the street from my place, I realized how hot Chennai can get. And those friendly warnings about the heat began to make sense.

But I am not the kind to get perturbed by hot weather. In fact, it gives me an excuse to fulfil my ice-cold foodie cravings. When it comes to ice creams, I can claim to have tried them all. All the packaged ones, from family packs to party packs and tubs, from scoops in cups and cones, to bars, ice lollies, slices, blocks and ice cream balls. And pretty much all brands available in our country at present. Or so I thought.

My husband knows about this weak spot of mine. He came home early last evening claiming that he had found an ice cream parlour that would blow my mind. It was recommended to him by his friend who just couldn’t stop raving about the place. I was curious because he claimed that the ice creams were hand crafted, and I had no idea what that meant.

He was right. Roll Over, an ice cream parlour chain located in Chennai has an excellent USP. The deserts and shakes served at every one of its outlets are handmade, 100% veg and so beautifully presented that it feels like more than just ice cream. Conceptually, it originates from the streets of Thailand and is somewhat a mixture of different contents which are hand blended on a cold pan and then drawn into cute rolls which are artistically decorated.

We visited the RA PURAM store & first tried the Roll Over signature dessert called the Roll Over Chocolate Karma. Inspired by celebrity chefs Ann Reardon & Bryan Talbott, this dessert has a brownie enclosed in a chocolate sphere which dissolves as you pour hot chocolate sauce over it. The churro crumbs which make up the bed add a lot of butterscotch crunchiness to this sinful desert.

Next up was the Gourmet plate Lychee rush. This had large juicy lychee fruit chunks draped over lychee flavoured ice cream rolls with a white chocolate creamy sauce for further embellishment. Lycheelicious!!

The last ice cream we tried was a premium flavoured Snicker Roll. Placed in an edible waffle tub, the snicker rolls taste exactly like the original chocolate, except that they were more creamier and have large chunks of the chocolate in it. Surprisingly it doesn’t taste like a mixture but the snicker flavour is apparent in even the smallest bite into the ice cream.

The Tiramisu shake was delightful. The consistency of the shake is extraordinarily uniform and melted-ice-cream-like thick, with no residue settling at the bottom of the bottle. The taste is seemingly better than the original dessert itself.

We also ordered French fries which were piping hot and freshly prepared. The combination of the Tandoori tikka and Cheesy sauce that we chose gave a nice spicy and bland balance to the fries.

May I tell you you just have to try out the shakes! I tried out the Mango coconut, Raspberry punch,  strawberry cheesecake and Saffron cream. All were subtle in taste but yummmmmmmy!


Lastly we took home these cute desert jars which come in 3 delightful flavours.

1.Chef’s version of Mississippi mud pie.

2. A blissful combination of white and dark chocolate mouse loaded with magical goodness which is called Double chocolate Mousse.

3. Red velvet cake layered with strawberry cream cheese for those who are in LOVE <3

My kids putting up little notes for the store on the wall of “LOVE”. They sure did have a great time!

With desserts like these around the corner from where I live the Chennai heat doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all. I know I am going to be back to try out some more flavours and would definitely recommend you do the same!