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Maps of the interiors, LIVE CCTV, Cool kids food menu , waiting area..

My older son has been harping on the same statement for the past two weeks. “Take me to the ball place” he repeatedly demands, wishing that I would take him to the play area down the street from where we live. He just loves the place. The maze of tunnels, the trampolines and the colorful plastic balls he loves diving into bring out squeals of excitement every single time.

But today I decided to surprise him. I took both my boys to what was a fantasy play area for kids – SMASH JUNIOR. It had everything that he loved, and even more. The excitement in their eyes is evident in the pics that follow.

After an exhausting day, these boys slept right through their journey back home. Only to wake up the next morning and say ” Take me to Smash Junior ball place”!

About Smaaash Junior :

Smaaash Junior has a  carpet space of 6300 sq.ft. Located in the premises of Smaaash at Kamala Mills, this fun area can be accessed by tiny toddlers and teenagers as old as 15 years. Smaaash Junior has a trampoline park, ball pools, creative slides, cannon shooting and lots more. Let all that pent up energy of your kids erupt at the trampoline park in Smaaash. They’ll bounce, somersault and have some good high flying fun. They’ll love diving into our foam ball pit and shooting. The children can also feast and relish on an exclusive children’s menu available at Smaaash Junior. The multi-purpose menu can be used not only for ordering delicious food items but the interesting and friendly menu can also be used for colouring, drawing and scribbling. Smaaash Junior also has Smaaash Kids’ Club where the child can get access to the play area at cheaper rates on weekly/monthly pass basis. The more the play, the more they smile! #GoSmaaashIt

Overview of the place!
Ball Pool Fun
Lets have some fun on the slides
Trampolines are super fun!
Lets climb, crawl and hold on!
Rolling down the rolling bars and fun time in the ball pool!
Big big slides!
A huge variety of toddler vehicles!
Check out the cool sit and swing rides like a carousel
Rock and rides, Black boards, House play area for kids
A view from top!
Exploring the place!
View from different angles