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The Riddle-A-Draw Game

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Bored at home with kids during this lockdown? Wondering how to make your children's time more productive? Here's a cool game we tried out as a family which involved thinking and drawing - a fun combination!
riddle and draw game

Bored at home with kids during this lockdown? Wondering how to make your children’s time more productive? Here’s a cool game we tried out as a family which involved thinking and drawing – a fun combination!

Things you need:
Color Crayons
Marker (optional)

The game first involves drawing 15 to 20 equal squares on a sheet of paper.

Then begin the game by reading out a question and giving the child 5 minutes to draw and color after guessing what the object is. Once done, move on to the next question till you complete all the squares. Its fun trying to guess the answers and you also end up learning something new.
This game is good for children and for a family and can even be made to work for a group of friends at a party.

Below are a list of questions you can choose from to play the game with. Feel free to use your imagination and make your own questions.

1. Where can you find cities, towns, shops, and streets but no people?
A map.

2. What has a neck but no head?
A bottle.

3. What is full of holes but still holds water?
 A sponge.

4. What begins with T, finishes with T, and has T in it?
A teapot.

5. What has to be broken before you can use it?
An egg.

6.  I come in a pair, I am black and white in white… if you cover me
it becomes all black and if you uncover me I can see everything in

7. I am orange in colour with a green crown on my head. Bunnies love
me and I make your eyes healthy. Who am I?

8. When you light a fire on my bum, I fly high, high up in space! Not
everyone is allowed to come along with me! Who am I?

9. The more you use me the smaller I become. Everyone in the house
uses me. I have different colours and fragrances. I am very useful in
fighting germs! Who am I?

10. Be it monsoon or be it a sunny day, people open me to protect
themselves! I come in beautiful colours and sizes! Who am I?

11. I have a face, two hands but no arms and  legs! With my two hands
I cannot clap. You will find me in various shapes and sizes. Everyone
keeps me in their house and I am very important to keep you on track!
Who am I?

12. Honey bees love me! You see me all around in beautiful colours and
fragrance! You find me in gardens and park. You offer me to God as
well! Who am I?

13. What is that, that is only yours but everyone else uses it. You
only don’t use it often! What is it?
Kids you can use doodle art or some good fonts to write this!!! Make
it look beautiful and nice
Write what is yours!!

14. Some have 10, some have 11. I help you hold things and write. I
help you to shake hands and wave goodbye! Who am I?

15. What becomes wetter the more I dry? All family members use me
daily! Who am I?

16. We r millions in the sky. I have a rhythm to my name. I am high up
in the sky, watching you every night! Who am I?

17. I move around super slow and I have no legs, I carry my house on
my back! If you scare me I tuck away in my house. Who am I? We have to
find the one who doesn’t have legs.

18. I have hair but you can’t use me to comb your hair. Some use me
daily – once or twice. I help you keep them pearl white and healthy.
Who am I?

19. Come birthday or come anniversaries, without me the celebration is
incomplete! I am yummy and everyone loves me! Sometimes I have a
candle on my head! Come on kids make a yummmmmmmyyyy one!! I come in a cup, I have many colours and flavours. Who am I?

20.  What has a thumb and four fingers but is not alive?
A glove.

 21. I’m full of keys but I can’t open any door.  What am I?
A piano.

22. Give me food, and I will live. Give me water, and I will die. What am I?

Have fun!!