I’m not going to give it back!

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If there is one thing that I love more than eating mangoes, it is eating home-made mango jam. My mother is really good at making it, evident by the fact that my school friends used to love to share my jam sandwiches. That had always been my favorite childhood snack, and till date she sends me a bottle of jam without fail during every mango season.

This year too she did that, but with a twist. Instead of using the conventional glass bottle that she usually does, she sent me jam in a Vaya Preserve Jar. It was a nice black color jar with a grey screw lid. The jar seemed to hold more than the usual volume of jam that I receive every year and that was already making me fall in love with it.

We subsequently used the Preserve every day at breakfast, each time scooping out some delicious jam on hot toasted sliced bread. What was interesting was that the jam didn’t harden like it sometimes did in the glass jars, but retained the flavour and texture right through the three months it was in Vaya Preserve.

After we were done with the jam, and believe me it was hard rationing it in my jam-loving family, I decided to hold on to the jar. I was curious to know whether I could use it for other food stuff. I had read online that it can keep food hot or cold for up to 6 hours and decided I wanted to test that feature out. I ordered a Vaya Preserve Jar set from Vaya.in. Although I was tempted to order in all the elegant colors, I chose the graphite ones, because I loved how my mom’s jar looked in my kitchen cabinet.

So, I put the jars to test with common foods over the past month – first hot soup, then homemade popcorn on our road-trip to Pune. The Preserve Jar doesn’t disappoint one bit in its capacity to retain the freshness of its contents. Also, the soup stayed hot when we had it 4 hours later. I then checked to see if it will keep my one-pot meals hot as well. I was planning to put to use the two different sizes effectively, and so I carried hot pasta in the 500 ml jar and some cold kheer in the 300ml one to work the other day. I had an incredible meal time that day, and had all my colleagues look at me appreciatively as well! The pasta was not just fresh, it was warm, just the way I like it and the kheer was cold and delicious! I am now currently using it for storing garam masala and other spices I made last week.

I have always had trouble looking for storage containers that serve well to preserve the integrity of my masalas and other spices, and now after having used the Vaya Preserve for storing my garam masalas I know what I need. I am already planning to reorganize my kitchen, with these stackable Vaya Preserve Jars. I have always used the conventional plastic containers, but with environmentally conscious children who have criticized my use of plastic, I decided to go in for a more eco-friendly option of storing food. And you know what, these look great too!

My mum called me up yesterday asking for her Preserve Jar back. Apparently, she had forgotten that she had given it to me. I assured her I would be sending it back to her in the coming week, but now I’m having second thoughts about giving it back! Hopefully, next mango season she will send me another helping of jam in another Vaya Preserve Jar, because that will give me one more to add to my collection!

Vaya Preserve is available in other stunning colors, and you can buy these jars at Vaya.in.