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Online education with experts from India and the U.K.

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How can you harness the power of online learning, whilst ensuring that your child's screen time is of the highest quality?

The world of education is changing rapidly. Improved technology has made online learning a key part of modern education. There is a wealth of information online that can truly enhance our learning experience. But scientific research shows that excessive, low quality screen time can negatively impact a child’s attention span.  So how can you harness the power of online learning, whilst ensuring that your child’s screen time is of the highest quality? That’s where Instrucko comes in.

They believe in nurturing future leaders through language. Instrucko teaches English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Public Speaking and Creative Writing to children from age of 3-15 years. Instrucko’s live classes are conducted by teachers from India as well as by native speakers. The lessons can be scheduled one to one or in a group of only 4 learners. Given the busy schedule, parents can choose the timings of the lesson at their convenience. Instrucko uses unique, engaging stories written exclusively for the Instrucko platform. Instrucko’s cross-curricular approach means that the stories are designed to cultivate skills and knowledge in the areas of Maths, Science, History, Geography, Philosophy etc. Instrucko time their lessons perfectly. Their one to one and group lessons offer sufficient time to offer a comprehensive, immersive learning experience for your child, without risking cognitive overload. As compelling is the courseware, devised by the United Kingdom’s leading educationists and the stepping stone it provides to its pupils through their teenage years. Instrucko provides directed guidance to EtonX courses for learners aged thirteen upwards – drawing on centuries of expertise from Eton College. EtonX’s courses are designed to help teenagers to get into the top universities. 


About Instrucko specializes in online one-to-one and group language lessons, for learners ages three-plus upwards. Its repertoire covers English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Public Speaking and Creative Writing classes. The Instrucko way is to nurture future leaders, globally. Its courseware has been created by leading educationists in the United Kingdom and alumni from Oxford University and the University of Cambridge

It has partnered with, an online learning platform drawing on centuries of educational expertise from Eton College, for those of its learners aged thirteen and upward.